Passing past Perithori and following the paved road towards the west, we reach Vathytopos, situated at an altitude of 674 m., 14 km away from Nevrokopi. Another beautiful village in perfect tune with the natural elements of the area that seems like the absolute escape from the constant hustle and bustle of the life in a city. If you take a stroll in the village, you will surely be impressed by the local stone houses, as well as the fascinating stone bridges that are unique in the whole area.

On an enchanting journey, with nature in all its glory, we admire the beautiful forests on Mount Orvilos. There nestles the lovely forest of Kykla that covers an area of at least 20,000 stremma (5 acres), with beeche trees and a wide variety of broad-leaved deciduous trees that give the visitor the opportunity to rest in organized areas with plenty of water.

The majority of the inhabitants are farmers who produce excellent quality beans and potatoes and people who are engaged in stock-breeding and are mainly active in the organic production of semi-wild pigs.

The Association of the village, which still exists, was founded in 1980 under the name "Folklore and Cultural Association of Vathytopos Drama - Ioannis Symeonidis" as a tribute to Ioannis Symeonidis, a notable monk, who arrived in the village in 1803 as a force sent by divine providence, built the first school in the village as, according to his preaching, “… Where will we be taught the wisdom that will bring man back to the image and likeness of God? In the field? No. In the vineyard? No. Then where? In Schools…”.

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