The Nature

The nature, the rural life and the Greek landscape are distinctive features of Kato Nevrokopi. The visitor will have the opportunity to indulge in the beauty and serenity of the green landscape. In Kato Nevrokopi one can be introduced to and get in touch with the forest wealth, the wild fauna and flora, as well as the virgin forests that will remain etched in their memory forever. Enchanting areas for wandering close to exquisite mountain slopes, each surrounded by lush vegetation, lakes, rivers and marvelous hidden waterfalls that will make you feel absolutely free, calm and peaceful. For example, the visitor can take a tour of the mountain trails of Kato Nevrokopi, or visit the artificial lake of Katafyto, Lefkogeia and Potamoi. They can also admire and enjoy the hidden waterfalls that point out the importance of water in the wild. Finally, visitors have the opportunity to relish the virgin forest of Elatia or Karandere. Nature itself is so bewitching that it stimulates all your senses: there is only so much we can see, hear, smell, feel with our hands, or taste - the experiences for all our senses are unlimited, as well as unique.