Mount Falakro

At a distance of just 12 km away from Volakas lies the Falakro Ski Center, established in 1980 on the initiative of the Mountaineering Association of Drama, in order to meet the basic leisure and sports needs of the surrounding area. However, over the years, the Ski Center gained its own momentum and sports enthusiasts that made it one of the most important ski resorts in the country and a major tourist attraction within the Eastern Macedonia - Thrace region.

The use and exploitation of Falakro Ski Center has now been granted to the Eastern Macedonia - Thrace Region, which has concluded service contracts with contractors for operation support and snow removal from the access road.

The ski resort has 21 runs of varying difficulty (total length of 17 km), with lengths ranging from 230m to 1500m, as well as long distance runs over 2500m. and a large altitude difference from 2232 m to 1615 m on northern slopes, which are also suitable for sports events. The excellent quality of snow, the many northern, northwestern and northeastern slopes-natural ski trails located at an altitude of over 2000m, the absence of soil elevations and the alternation of gradients offer an excellent variety of options for all levels of skiers and all types of skiing. An important comparative advantage of Mount Falakro is the long period of snow cover due to its geographical location and high altitude, as ski center base is at 1720 meters and reaches up to 2.232m.

However, the alpine landscape of Mount Falakro is suitable for other activities, as well as for a stroll, as it combines wonderful views in all directions: the lake of the Nestos River and the Bulgarian borders, the beautiful Canyon of Pyrgoi, the plain of Drama, Mount Paggaio, Thasos island, Mount Athos, the Aegean Sea, even Mount Olympus, if the weather is good enough.

The ski resort has:

  • Three surface lifts, a four-person detachable chairlift, a two-person chairlift and three baby lifts, which serve the 21 slopes of the ski center.
  • A snowmobile trail.
  • Three chalets, two at the base of the resort and one at the finish of the four-person chairlift, with panoramic views at an altitude of 2110m. In one of the chalets at the base of the resort which can accommodate 80 people per night, there is also a restaurant.
  • Dining facilities.
  • Points-of-sale and rental of ski equipment and ski schools.

Chionotrypa (Snow hole)

Chionotrypa is located at 2100 meters, below the top of Mount Falakro, near the ski chalet. It is a sinkhole (doline) developed from roof collapse and one of the deepest chasms in Macedonia (-111m) with a large opening and ice-filled bottom. It opens up in marble, while ice and water play a key role in the erosion and shaping of the cave.

The first descent is on a rickety gutter up to 55 meters, where we reach the piece of ice, reduced or enlarged depending on the season and the snowfalls. On the walls of the north side there is a continuum between the snow and the rock. The entrance to the lower part of Chionotrypa is blocked by snow during most months of the year. Initially the descent is vertical for 15 meters inside a small tunnel and then it is going downhill on a snow slope to end up, after another 15 meters, in an impressive chamber with rich decoration on its walls and a roof height of about 40m. There we are at a -90 meter depth, while the cave continues for another 20 meters where it ends in a second chamber.