Passing past Vathytopos and following the paved road οn an enchanting journey with nature in all its glory, we get to the northwestern part of the Prefecture of Drama and the village of Katafyto on the slopes of Mount Orvilos, situated just 1.5 km away at an altitude of 750 m. Its inhabitants, mostly refugees from Samsun and Bafra, taking advantage of the thousands of acres of pasture in their area, are engaged in agriculture and stock-breeding producing meat, milk, and high quality potatoes, beans and clover. Orvilos is also famous for the many herbs that grow on its slopes. Ironwort (mountain tea or sideritis as is commonly known), which is collected by the villagers, stands out.


Within the administrative boundaries of Katafyto community, north of the village and on the Greek-Bulgarian borders, lies the abandoned settlement of Akrino. Since 1848 the area has been dominated by the post-Byzantine church of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel (Taxiarches). A three-nave wooden-roofed basilica with a transverse aisle, a semicircular apse, an open ambulatory and a matroneum, it is one of the post-Byzantine temples built at the end of the Ottoman rule. The bell tower was built in 1884. The frescoes in the interior of the church that date back to 1860 are really remarkable, as they tend to imitate late Byzantine models, moving on from the folk art found in other temples. Every year, on the feast day of the Archangels, there is a traditional festival held in the premises; lots of worshippers from Greece and Bulgaria, who have crossed the borders, arrive at the church to attend the Divine Liturgy and then taste the traditional "Keşkek" meal in the church yard, celebrating with traditional dances and songs. The feast starts in the afternoon of the eve when a religious procession of the holy icon of Taxiarches is held, the street traders exhibit their products and the locals visit the temple for a reverent pilgrimage, talk about their daily routine and welcome old and new friends who came from afar.

Akrino is also a starting point for climbing Mount Orvilos (highest peak at 2212 m).

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