A small village at an altitude of 578 m. and 4 km away from Kato Nevrokopi. The village was originally named Vulkovo from the Slavic word “Volk” meaning wolf, as quite a lot of times the packs of wolves living in the area caused serious damage to the properties of the inhabitants. The village was later renamed Chrysokefalos to honor Panagia Chrysokefalos Church (Virgin Mary the Golden-Headed or Fatih Mosque) in Trabzon, which is why the locals built the church that still exists today and is celebrated with a feast festival organized by the locals every September. In the church there is a replica of Panagia Chrysokefaliotissa. Its inhabitants, refugees from Pontus, Thrace and Asia Minor, have been mainly engaged in agriculture, production of tobacco, potatoes, beans and cereals, as well as stock-breeding which were all greatly developed.

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