Following the winding curves to Nestos, the visitors travel through the magical nature and, upon reaching Achladia, they are impressed by the order and cleanliness in every nook and cranny of the beautiful village. The special climate and the fresh air give us the impression that delight is somehow granted. The patron saint of the village is Agios Charalambos. Every year, around August 13, the Cultural Association of the village organizes a gathering of the people of Achladioti with music, dance and delicious food.


Livadaki is situated at Achladia community limits and an altitude of 720 m. It is a small village with rich flora and fauna, with just few inhabitants and the beautiful post-Byzantine church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, built in 1870. On the outside, the church features a bell tower that dates back to 1890, while the interior is adorned with the original iconography on the wood-carved iconostasis, as well as frescoes on the roof. The church is celebrated on 14th and 15th August, while there are some services held during Lent.

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